Prelims Analysis

Prelims is the most important among all the 3 stages of the examination. What is the point in preparing for mains when the probability of buckling at prelims stage is high. Roughly 15000-17000 students qualify prelims every year depending on the number of vacancies in that year.

Usually for every 1 opening 12/13 candidates are selected at Prelims stage.

The probability of selection at prelims stage is 1 in 31.( 15008 qualified in Prelims 2015 out of 4.65 Lakh students appeared).

The probability of selection at mains stage is 1 in 5.( 2797 qualified in Mains 2015 out of 15008 students appeared).

The probability of Final selection is 2 in 5 i.e. 1 in 2.5 ( 1164 out of 2797 interviewed candidates)

Thus, mathematically too prelims stage is the king.

Good number of Single digit Rankers passed their prelims in borders.

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